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為提供最佳保證給消費者,本店設有「貨品退換購物保證」。顧客需在收貨後14天內提出。每張購物單據只限換貨一次,但不能退款。 以下情況將不受換貨處理安排: 1)產品收貨期已超過14天。 2)產品已經開封或曾被使用 (例如包裝膠紙或盒被撕去)。 3)產品並未保持完好包裝,已受破壞,損毀或不完整。 4)任何顯示不接受退貨的折扣產品,清貨產品或特價產品。 5)任何免費產品,附件,試用裝禮品。 6)未能出示產品銷售清單或購物單據已經換貨一次。 我們在退換之前,必須檢查及驗證退貨,如發現情況未能符合以上的退換規條,所有退貨將不獲退換。在退貨時,原來訂單的運費及處理費用(如有)將由顧客承擔,不便之處,敬請原諒。如您退回的貨品附送有推廣贈品或特價購買產品等,亦必須將該貨品一併退回,否則退換將不獲處理。 如發現退貨產品不符合本公司的退貨條款,將不獲處理,不便之處,敬請原諒。一切有關退換貨處理事宜,卓越生活(企業)有限公司保留最終決定權利。 聯絡號碼:(852) 5399 1103 電郵地址:[email protected] Our Return Policy gives customers a better shopping experience. From the day you receive your item, our Return Policy is valid for 14 days. Each invoice can only exchange the goods once and cannot refund by cash. Below situations are not acceptable in our Return Policy: 1)After 14 days of delivery. 2)Opened/Used products. 3)Without original and unopened packaging. 4)Products with “Non-Returnable” remark. 5)Free Gifts/Accessories/Samples. 6)Without the corresponding original orders confirmation, delivery note. We will check before return/exchange, the original delivery charge and cost of return are borne by customers. Customers must return with all free gifts/accessories/samples. No exchange of goods if the returned goods do not satisfy our Return Policy. In case of any disputes, Premier Living (Enterprises) Company, Limited will retain the right of final decision without prior notice. Contact No.: (852) 5399 1103 Email: [email protected]